“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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Selma Quartz Countertops

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider Selma quartz countertops for your kitchen renovation. But as durable as they may be, they do need some care. As long as you follow some simple maintenance tips, your quartz countertops in Selma TX will last for a long, long time. Granite Brothers experts can tell you all you need to know about helping to keep your quartz countertops looking their best. We’ll also provide you with an expert installation that will be done right the first time.

Keeping Quartz Looking Great

Probably the biggest thing to remember when you get Selma quartz countertops is that you need to be careful when it comes to heat. While quartz can handle some heat (the material is cured at a temperature of 180º F), it can also stand up to stains, chips and abrasions. Quartz countertops in Selma TX can actually handle 300 º F temperatures.

The problem is that if you continually expose quartz to extreme heat, that can be bad. If this exposure happens for too long, then that could cause your countertops to start to change in color. Extreme heat exposure could also cause small cracks to develop. But you can easily avoid these issues by taking a few very easy precautions.

  • First off, you need to make sure you have the highest quality quartz countertops in Selma TX available. That means you want to turn to Granite Brothers. If you go cheap, you’ll get a cheaper type of quartz that will be a lot more prone to cracking.
  • If you do a lot of cooking, especially during the holiday season, then you know how crazy it can get in your kitchen. Just try to remember to not put any pots, pans, baking sheets or other very hot kitchen utensils directly on your countertops. Always try to remember to use trivets or a hot pad.
  • Are you a coffee drinker? If you are, keep your cup on a coaster rather than your countertops. It’s okay to do it every once in a while, but don’t do it for extended periods of time.

You can always ask us any questions about Selma quartz countertops. Just contact Granite Brothers online or call 210-551-1119.