“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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San Antonio Bathroom Remodeling

Any San Antonio bathroom remodeling project needs a lot of planning in order to turn out its best. At Granite Brothers, we’ve performed bathroom remodeling in San Antonio TX for several years. We know how to plan the best possible project, and we know how to execute the plan to perfection. We’ll help you avoid some of the more common problems we’ve heard about from homeowners who either went with someone else, or tried to do their own renovation.

Not Picking the Right Materials

When you’re getting ready for your San Antonio bathroom remodeling job, probably the most important thing to do is to pick the right materials – for not only your countertops, but the rest of your bathroom’s components as well. There are certain materials that work better when it comes to bathroom remodeling in San Antonio TX, and some that don’t work so great. Bathrooms, of course, have probably the highest moisture and humidity levels of any other part of your home. You’ll need to take that into account.

Not Considering the Lighting

You also want to make sure you factor in the lighting when planning your bathroom remodeling in San Antonio TX. If you don’t have the right lighting, that will cause some issues with intense shadows when you look in the mirror. Also, you don’t want to choose a fancy mirror that will make you sacrifice lighting. It just won’t be worth it in the long run.

Not Taking a Close Look at Your Budget

If you were surprised at either of the mistakes mentioned above, you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners don’t really think of all the things that go into a bathroom remodel. They experience surprises along the way, and that affects the cost. Be honest about your budget, and determine whether or not you’ll be able to adjust upward if needed.

Talk to Granite Brothers if you would like to learn how to plan a San Antonio bathroom remodeling job. We’ll tell you what to expect, and give you a good idea of what it will cost. Contact us online or call 210-551-1119.