“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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New Braunfels Kitchen Islands

More than likely, you’ve seen New Braunfels kitchen islands in the homes of friends or family members, and you’ve wanted one for a while. If the time is right to have your own, get in touch with Granite Brothers. We have a team of experts who are skilled in the installation of kitchen islands in New Braunfels TX. When we’re done, the results will be spectacular. These are just a few of the benefits of contacting us for kitchen island installation.

More Storage Space

New Braunfels kitchen islands provide a lot of advantages, but this could quite possibly be the most important. Do you find it hard to find room for all the items you use in your kitchen on a regular basis? Kitchen islands in New Braunfels TX might just be the answer. Your kitchen island can come with shelves or cabinets that will provide you with more room than you ever thought you’d have.

More Seating

Do you love to entertain, but you often find there aren’t enough places for your guests to sit and talk? Then you might just be a perfect candidate for a new kitchen island. It’s a perfect place for people to sit around and converse while you’re preparing one of your fantastic meals. They won’t be in the way, and you’ll have a great time talking to them while you work. If you have enough room for a large island, it could seat as many as six people comfortably.

Room for Extra Appliances and Outlets

Kitchen islands in New Braunfels TX will provide the space you need for things such as a new coffee maker, or a second heating range. Added outlets will provide the perfect way to put small appliances on your island. You can add not only electrical wiring to your island, but also plumbing and gas lines.

A Place to Work

A kitchen island can also serve as a sort of auxiliary workstation. While you’re doing the major portion of meal preparation, someone else could help by using the island as an added place to prep. Or, it could also be a baking station, complete with an oven and cooling racks.

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