“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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Canyon Lake Granite Countertops

You might be surprised at the variety of Canyon Lake granite countertops you’ll find from Granite Brothers. We are always looking for the most attractive colors possible, so that you’ll have the most flexibility possible when it comes to your design choices. You won’t see a wider variety from any other company that installs granite countertops in Canyon Lake TX.

An Incredible Range of Colors

Here are just a few of some of the more popular colors people choose for their kitchen and bedroom Canyon Lake granite countertops. Just remember that since our inventory changes quite often, we will always have new selections.

  • Moon white – This is a very popular choice among people looking for granite countertops in Canyon Lake TX. It’s known for having an abundance of swirls and specks, as well as intricate patterns. Moon white granite will also, in most instances, also contain black, silver, ivory and gray spots. As with all types of granite, it’s extremely durable and will last for decades.
  • Bianco antico – Bianco antico is a beautiful mixture of pink, taupe and gray flecks and spots. When you use this color for your granite countertops in Canyon Lake TX, your kitchen will look incredible. You’ll also typically find shades of red as well as brown. Bianco antico offers a classic look, while maintaining its boldness at the same time.
  • River white – Typically found in India, river white granite has a white base infused with burgundy spots and grey veins. However, you’ll find plenty of samples that also contain gray, blue and cream shades as well.

Turn to the Pros with Granite Brothers for More Information

When you need to know about Canyon Lake granite countertops, you won’t find a better source than the experienced, skilled professionals with Granite Brothers. You can ask us any questions you like, and we’ll have the accurate answers you need. People across the area have come to trust our expertise and workmanship, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as well. Please contact us online or call 210-551-1119.