“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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Boerne Stainless Steel Sinks

Both Boerne stainless steel sinks and composite granite sinks are great. They both look beautiful, and they’re both built to last for several years. Granite Brothers has a wide selection of both types of sinks, and we’ll make sure you’ll be completely comfortable with whichever one you decide to go with. Here’s a quick comparison of composite granite and stainless steel sinks in Boerne TX so that you have the information you need to make the best possible choice.

Stainless Steel Sinks

One of the big differences between Boerne stainless steel sinks and composite granite sinks is that stainless steel isn’t as heavy, and costs less as a result. Stainless steel can stand up to heat, and it has a thin film of chromium. This substance is really interesting. When stainless steel sinks in Boerne TX are scratched, the chromium layer actually helps the sink “heal” itself, in a manner of speaking.

Composite Granite Sinks

As awesome as stainless steel sinks in Boerne TX are, composite sinks provide a lot of benefits as well. Since they are made of granite as well as other materials, they come in a wider variety of colors and styles. If you want a bolder look in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong. A composite sink is also extremely hard, making it very resistant to chips, scratches or dents. Cleaning this type of sink is also very easy. You usually only need water, dish soap and a soft cloth. Some types of composite granite sinks will also stand up against a nylon scrub pad.

It can be hard to determine what kind of sink will be best for your home. That’s why so many people throughout the area turn to Granite Brothers on a regular basis. We’ll take the time to discuss your options, as well as the pros and cons of each. We’ll also provide you with a professional installation that will ensure your sink provides worry-free performance for decades.

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