“No Kitchen is taken for Granite”

“No Kitchen is Taken for Granite”

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Boerne Quartz Countertops

Even though Boerne quartz countertops are extremely rugged, that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. You’ll have to take some precautions with your countertops, no matter what material they’re made from. If you take care of your quartz countertops in Boerne TX, they’ll easily last for however long you stay in your home. But you need to be careful when it comes to heat. The experts with Granite Brothers would like to share some information that will help you protect your countertops for years to come.

Watch the Heat

Boerne quartz countertops are heat resistant. They’re cured at temperatures of nearly 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so they’re resistant to not only heat, but also chipping, abrasions and stains. Once quartz countertops in Boerne TX are installed by experts, such as the kind you’ll find at Granite Brothers, they can handle temperatures of up to 300 degrees.

However, continued exposure to extreme heat can lead to issues. It could, for instance, cause the exposed portion of the countertops to change color. It could also result in cracks on the surface. But as long as you take some simple precautions, your countertops won’t be at risk.

  • It can get pretty hectic in a kitchen, of course – especially around the holidays. Whenever you’re preparing meals, always put any hot baking sheets, pots or pans on either hot pads or trivets. Also, try to remember to leave any type of hot pans or other items on the stovetop to cool whenever you can.
  • If you like a hot cup of coffee in the morning, try to remember to keep your cup on a coaster. While your quartz countertops in Boerne TX will probably be fine, if you leave a hot cup sitting for a long time, that could cause some issues.
  • Finally, you’ll want to make sure you have the highest quality quartz possible. That’s all you’ll find when you work with the Granite Brothers. Lesser forms of quartz may be more susceptible to cracking from heat than the materials we use.

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